wpe8A.jpg (3024 bytes) One Step Caramel Corn Mix
One Step Caramel Corn Mix is absolutely the easiest way to caramel corn every batch. Start with 8  oz. of water, a 4 oz. portion of shortening (popping oil), for example, plus 1 2 gallon of One Step Caramel Corn Mix. Turn the heat on, put the lid on the Corntreat machine – when the steam comes out, remove the lid and wait until the buzzer sounds. When the buzzer sounds, add a stick or  two of butter and a five gallon measure of popped corn and then "tumble". Presto! Perfect Caramel   Corn every time. This is the best way to make caramel corn when you have a lot of personnel changes. "Owner-operator" installations can use the concentrated mix shown to the right.

#2092 One Step 6–3 1 -1/2 lb. cartons per cs.

Concentrate Mixes ( add your own sugar )

#2094 Concentrated Caramel Corn Mix. 12–22 oz. foil pouches per case. Add 4 cups of regular sugar, 8 oz. of water, and 4 oz. of shortening – that makes a complete batch, that will coat a 5 gallon measure of popped popcorn. This concentrated Caramel Corn Mix is being used worldwide – works great in Corntreat machines – use a double batch for a Mark 10 – or use a single batch for a copper or aluminum "canoe paddle" method.

#2096 "Basic" Corntreat Mix. When you want to make a flavoured candy glaze, use 1–22 oz. pouch of Basic plus 4 cups of white sugar, plus 8 oz. of water and 4 oz. of white shortening. This makes your Basic glaze. To this add 1 4 cup of the Corntreat Flavor Mix shown on Page 26. 12–22 oz. pouches per case.

#2090 Concentrated Chocolate Corntreat Mix. This is the new "milk chocolate" improved recipe mix. If you haven’t tried chocolate coated popcorn recently, you are in for a real treat with this improved product. Make it the same way as concentrated caramel – but you may want to omit the butter at the end. Improved chocolate popcorn is a sleeping profit giant – awaken it and enjoy the results!

All concentrated mixes shipping weight - 18 lbs. per case.

Caramel.jpg (6114 bytes)Cooling Pans and Rack Truck

Corn Treat Mixers make batches faster than they cool, so you need some extra cooling pans. Order at least 3 of these anodised aluminum pans. And, what better way to store the filled pans than our #5836 Rack Truck which holds 4 pans. Rack Truck made of aluminum, with casters.

#2168 Removable Cooling Pans, 33 1-1/2 W x 22 1-1/2 D x 4 1 -1/2"H.  For 5 lb. batch.

#2169 Large Removable Cooling Pans, 30W x 30D x 6"H. Use with Mark 10.

#5836 Rolling Rack Truck, 36W x 24D x 48"H. Carries four #2168 cooling pans.

#5837 Large Rolling Rack Truck, Carries two #2169 large cooling pans.

Caraset.jpg (2908 bytes)Caramel Set is a white powder which melts at a high temperature and forms a very thin vegetable oil film surrounding Red Candy Apples or Caramel Corn. Do not use with Glaze Pop. A  heaping tablespoon per batch of Caramel Corn is all it takes. It’s not a cure-all – Red Candy Apples won’t hold up very many days – one or two at best.

#2087 Caramel Set, 1 lb. can

Cornbags.jpg (3902 bytes)Corn Treats Bags
Poly bags printed in attractive yellow and brown design. Can be sealed with Impulse Sealer or bag ties.
#2137 CT-2 5 x 9,  1/2" 2, 3/8 oz.    

#2138 CT-4 5 x 12, 1/2" 4, 1/2 oz. 
#2207 CT-7 6 x 16" 7-8 oz.

Cornbat.jpg (2807 bytes)Now you can make popcorn balls without burning your hands. Works like a big pair of pliers; makes a 3" ball.

#2091 Corn Baller

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