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Made by one of the first and foremost manufacturers of Wafer biscuit and Ice- cream cone machines.   The manufacturer combines years of experience with the application of latest design and technology to meet exacting market demands.  The manufactured equipment ranges from small table top machines to fully automatic machines. 

The company also designs and supplies tailor made solutions to an individual customer's need.


The "WT" Series Cream wafer plants are used for the production of cream wafer biscuits.    They are characterized by a simple but sturdy mechanism which is flexible enough to allow for manual operation.

These machines are low cost and economical in operation, depending on the output required, they can be supplied with 6, 9 or 12 Wafer baking tongs. 

The information details a set of six wafer tongs (6WT) production and Capacities.  The combination of a Cream spreading table, cutting machine, batter mixer, cream mixer and packing machine ensure that production is continuous. 


The plates are made of special alloy.  The careful selection of a suitable alloy and the casting procedure ensures dimensional stability, a homogenous and dense surface, thermal stability, good heat accumulation characteristics and excellent thermal conductivity.  Special finishing is applied to ensure the trouble free release of wafer sheets.

The wafer thickness is quickly and easily adjusted by applying spacing shims.


A mixture of wheat flour, maize (corn) starch, vegetable fat, preservatives, colors etc. is churned into a paste in the batter mixer. A full recipe for each type of cone will be provided. 


The batter is fed to pre-heated wafer tongs by a special dosing device.  Baking takes 1-3* minutes.  The baked sheets are then cooled.  Subsequent operations are creaming, sandwiching & cutting.  The wafers are then packed.

Workers required: Six unskilled workers are required to complete the production.

Operational area required: The total operational area required is about 750 Sq. Ft.

Capacity & Output details:  Production from 100 to 125 kgs* can be made in  8 hours.   (using  6WT). 


The high output efficient mixers are ideally suited for preparing wafer and ice cream cone liquid batter.

This mixer has an adjustable blade to suit batter preparation from l0 kg. (Lbs) to 50 kg. (125 Lbs) of  batter.

A special beater quickly and thoroughly mixes the ingredients into smooth lump free batter.        The mixer comprises of a vertically mounted electric motor.      The mixing bowl, tank and turbine are all made of Stainless Steel.


SIZE OF THE BAKING PLATES 270 x 370 mm approx.

No. of Wafer Tongs  "WT" = 6 Nos. 

*Production capacity may vary depending on the recipe, batter consistency, cream ration, etc.

 Note:  For higher capacity  please refer to  "Zw/Zwa" Series Wafer Plant Catalogue.


The wire cutting machine  "WCM" is manually operated and cuts wafer blocks to small wafer fingers of predetermined dimensions.  The cutter frame and feed bar can be exchanged to produce other size of biscuits.  This machine is used for cutting small scale production.


It is a simple stenciling apparatus.  The Sheet holder is designed to hold the sheet in place and allow desired cream application. A knife is used for depositing a layer of cream for sandwiching the wafer biscuits.

The apparatus can be attended by an unskilled operator.

Note:  The above machines are for low scale manual operation.

 To increase capacity the automatic processing level of cutting and creaming must be increased.  The level described here is used in the manual process for better quality products.


The ACR Wafer cream spreading machine can apply any kind of fat cream to the wafer sheets.  The cream is contact-spread by a rotating roller, whereby the cream on the roller touches the wafer during the application.  The wafers can be fed to the spreading head either manually or by the feeder unit.

After cream coating, the wafer sheets are collected into wafer books.  The spreading machine is equipped with a calibrated pressing roller to insure good adhesion between different layers of cream and exact book  heights.         


The wafer books are fed to the AWC cutter manually.  They are then cut in stacks up to 70 mm high.  The cutter frames and the corresponding pushers are easily exchangeable to produce other sizes.  Cutting can be individually controlled or the cutter can operate completely automatically, starting one complete cutting cycle after finishing the previous one. 

AWC 1  cutters can handle wafer books up to 230 x 290 mm.

AWC 2  cutters are designed to cut larger format of 270 x 370 mm. 

We are constantly guided by the principle of offering our customers better and better machines;

to give increased efficiency and higher levels of automation.

The technical data and illustrations are subject to change without notice.  


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