El Nacho Grande Chips / Concession Salsa / Cheese Sauces and Jalapeno Peppers

Elnacho.jpg (4156 bytes)El Nacho Grande Chips - Portion Pak Chips are perfect for convenience stores, smaller concession stands, cafeteria lines, etc. 3 oz. of fresh yellow corn Nacho Chips per package.
#5265 Portion Pak Chips, 48 bags per carton.
#5585 Display Rack holds over 30 bags of chips. Suction feet hold it in place.
#38506 "Nachos" Sign included.
#5582 Portion Pak Cheese Warmer.  This portion pak cheese merchandiser uses just 9, 1/2W x 12, 1/2"D – a very small "footprint." Holds 36 cups on slanted self-feeding racks. Approximately, a 50 minute warm-up. High limit thermostat reduces heat to a "holding pattern" when Cheese is warm enough. 14" high.

Regnacho.jpg (2963 bytes)#5256 Regular Round Nacho Chips made from yellow corn. Great tasting – packed three 2 lb. laminated bags for absolute freshness! The best chips available anyplace in the  world!

Salsa.jpg (4570 bytes)#5269 Cases of 4–1 gallon jugs of "La Salsaria" Salsa.
Loaded with vegetables – no fillers – the richest Salsa Sauce you have ever eaten. Totally fat free. (That’s why people will take a serving of salsa and chips rather than nacho cheese). Serve warmed from a #2365S Dipper Style Warmer shown here.
#2365S Salsa Warmer

Nachogra.jpg (15704 bytes)A. #5251 Aged Cheddar Cheese Sauce The finest Nacho Cheese Sauce available, has a rich cheddar cheese taste. Use this sauce plain for milder Nachos (can also be  used on hot dogs); add pepper juice to suit desired hotness. 6–#10 tins. Shipping weight - 47 lbs.
B. #5255 Jalapeno Pepper Rings The finest Mexican peppers money can buy; they’re really hot! Sliced thin for Nachos. 6–#10 tins. Shipping weight - 46 lbs.
C. #5253 El Nachos Grande One-Step Cheese Sauce One-Step is so simple. Just open the can, pour it in your  Gold Medal Cheese Warmer, water can be added if desired – use a spatula to get the last drop out of the can – the pepper juice is already in there. This is our most popular Cheese Sauce.
D. #5261 Ready to Use Cheese Sauce Again, six #10 tins per case. Just open the can, put into your Gold Medal Cheese Warmer and serve – ideal for most types of locations – nothing to mix – the quality is consistent! 47 lbs. per case.

Portion Packs Salsa and Cheese

Portion Pak for busy concession operations is becoming more and more "the only way to go!" It’s the only way to get portion control. You have heard the story about the theatre chain, which was assuming 3 oz. servings and then "discovered" that they were using 600 to 700 oz. for every 100 servings! Portion Pak let's you sleep at night! Portion Pak Nacho Cheese. Also, we have the "Spicy" Nacho Cheese in Portion Pak, as well.

Portionp.jpg (2362 bytes)#5268 Concession Pak Salsa. -This portion pack has come along just in time. Everyone is getting into concession sales of Salsa and Chips! Point of purchase sale poster available. Packed 30–4 oz. cups per case.

Portion2.jpg (5076 bytes)#5262 The original Portion Pak Nacho Cheese! - This product proved to some of the largest concessionaires that cost control is attainable only with Portion Pak. Very economical to use when y u eliminate "clean to waste," clean-up, mixing, refrigeration, etc. Really the only practical way for a small location to  make any profits at all with Nachos.

Portionc.jpg (4379 bytes)#5266 Spicy Nacho Cheese - You asked for it, and here it is. First shown in the 1996 catalog, Spicy Nacho Cheese captured over 25% of the market in its first year – and, the share is growing every month! All three portion pack products are stored in regular dry storage areas – no refrigeration required. It’s important to rotate your inventory.

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