20 Quart - 5 Gallon Finish Horizontal Ice Cream Freezer

wpe25.jpg (24060 bytes)Emery Thompson Dashers are Built to Provide Stiffness needed for these Special Products. ET design also enables you to add nuts, fruits and cookies directly into machine assuring you of excellent distribution. Only Emery Thompson have been making Batch Freezer since 1905.



DESCRIPTION : 20 Quart-5 gallon finish-horizontal ice cream freezer with self contained water cooled condensing unit.
CAPACITY : 25 to 30 gallons finished ice cream per hour. Excellent for sorbets and sherbets as well.
DRIVE :Quiet powerful belt drive.
ENCLOSURE : Stainless Steel Panels-louvered for heat removal.
COMPRESSOR : 3 H.P., Freon 502 complete with pressure control and water valve, and charged.
ELECTRICAL : All internal electrical connections completed together with motor starters.
AVAILABLE: 1/60/230 or 3/60/208/230 ( Other current available on special order).
REFRIGERATION : All internal connections made and systems charged.
DIMENSIONS : Width 23" Depth 37" Height 49"

MODEL 20LA- Same as above but with air-cooled condensing unit and vented panels.

MODELS 20 NW - SPS and 20 LA - SPS- Special speed machines for making low overrun gourmet ice cream's, gelato and other special products. These models have the same appearance and measurements as above but with 3 phase they are provided with an extra 3 HP drive motor. On single phase they are provided only with a single 5 HP drive motor.

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