Gas and Electric Fryers for Corn Dogs, Onion Blossoms, etc.

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The original purpose for each of these three fryers was for Corn Dogs – either foot long or regular. Many people fry specialty fun foods such as Corn Dogs, Cheese Dogs, Shrimp Rolls, Fried Veggies or even a Funnel Cake or two. Skewer clip assembly is "spring loaded" and can be quickly removed. Fryer basket is available for Bacon Puffs. Even small fryers hold over 30 lbs. of oil; therefore, drains are an absolute necessity for safe operations. Fryers without drains are being discontinued. All Corn Dog Fryers shown on this page come with two standard seven position skewer clip assemblies. Large single basket can be substituted. The voltage in these units is sufficient for Corn Dogs or light frying – but not high enough for heavy duty French frying.
#8047D Small Fryer, 1800 watts, 120 volts. 10W x 22D x 15"H. Shipping weight - 29 lbs. Includes drain valve.
#8048D Small Fryer, 3000 watts, 230 volts, two-wire service for domestic or export. 10W x 22D x 15"H.  Shipping weight - 29 lbs. Includes drain valve.

King Dog Corn Dog Fryer.
Yes, the fast 5,750-watt heating element and the 50 lb. capacity of cooking oil enables you to move quickly. Actually this is the only corn dog fryer that can effectively use the high speed batter dip tank and #8054 High Speed Dog on a Stick with handles. If you are serious about corn dogs, then depend on the #8068 King Dog.
The #8068 is the result of listening to you and other operators who say " Give us a cooker that can hold the 375 temperature." It is difficult to do in a 30 lb. cooking oil capacity fryer when you are cooking upwards of 14 corn dogs at a time. A little deeper fryer, a lot hotter heating element is what makes the King Dog Fryer so effective! It’s the machine you should trust your corn dog profits to.
By law, in the U.S.A., a "footlong" hot dog must be at least 7"! The King Dog Fryer can deep fry a "footlong" Corn Dog up to 9, 1/2" long! Capacity almost 50 lbs. of cooking oil. Therefore #8068 is available with drain valve only. Heavy duty 5,750 watt, 230 volt heating element should give a fairly fast recovery. However, when the "heat" thermostat light comes on, give the fryer one or two minutes to get back up above 375 F. The King Dog Electric Fryer is shipped with two seven position skewer clips.

#8068 King Dog Electric Fryer, 5,750 watts, 230 volts. 10W x 22D x 17"H.
#4156 Double Dog 10" Skewers, 1,000 per case

#8065 Gas Corn Dog Fryer for LP Gas
13W x 24, 1/2D x 21"H, operates on 19,700 BTU maximum. Stainless steel construction, tank measures 11, 1/4W x 16, 1/2D x 10, 3/4"H. Holds up to 12 Corn Dogs. Equipped with drain valve, holds 45 lbs. of oil. You must allow 10" clearance on both sides and rear.

Also, order the following sets for your fryer:
#8052 Single Large Fry Basket
for Electric Corn Dog Fryer
#8053 Twin Baskets, set of 2 #8054 Dog on Stick Kit, set of 2
#8072 Single Large Fry Basket for Gas Corn Dog Fryer

Diptank.jpg (3498 bytes)#8070 Batter Dip Tank for Corn Dogs
Put the skewers in your hot dogs, roll each skewered hot dog on a paper towel to take off the excess moisture – place in the Skewer Clip Assembly – Pick everything up by the two handles – dip in the batter tank and put into your Corn Dog Fryer. Make sure that the temperature has recovered before inserting 7 more corn dogs.
#8054H Dog on a Stick Kit with handles, set of 2

#8070 Batter Dip Tank for Corn Dogs

Safe – Easy – Makes anyone an expert

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